Thursday, October 7, 2010

How to make Tea Bag string yarn

All tea bag strings are different from brand to brand, thick or thin, long or short, if you always use the same brand and dont think you would get any from other people [although once people know you are collecting them they will collect them for you as well] it does not matter how you tie them, but for others it is important that you mix your tea bag strings so you dont get rows of very thin followed by rows of thick.

I use the knot where you put 2 ends level together wrap it around your finger and pull the ends through the circle you made, the knot ends up being about 1/2 inch from the end, it takes a lot of tea bag strings to make one project so make sure you have a couple of hundred before you start so you can get a variety, also make sure you and people saving them for you, still dip them as this makes the colours, some people take them off before they dip so they will have no brown on them at all.

My mum has more time to craft and does a variety of things, so she ties her strings while she has her morning cup of tea, she takes her tags of as she goes, then in the evening when she sits to watch TV she will knit her string. I on the other hand I dont get much time to craft so snatch bits and pieces though the week, so in one sitting I would take all the tags off, putting them in a container with 3 compartments, 1 thick, 1 thin and one for tea bag strings people have given me with no tags, then in another sitting I would tie them using one from each compartment.

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