Friday, October 8, 2010

Dish Cloths for free

We all use dish cloths of one form or another, well now you can make your own out of something that gets thrown in the bin in many households.
I have both crochet and knitted these, the crochet ones are more thicker and sturdy, where as the knitted ones are softer. I also use the knitted ones as a wash cloth in the bath and shower.

You can use a hook from 1.75 to 2.50
1.75 will be more thicker and sturdy where the 2.50 will be softer.
I prefer to do Granny Squares making sure I put all my ends on one side so I have a raggy side and a smooth side. This is a photo of a cloth that has been used and washed many times. Because it is cotton it can be boiled, bleached and washed in hot water.
I have not tried doing a cloth in rows of treble or double crochet, but should work just as well.
I use 2 or 2.25mm needles, using smaller needles than these will give you a tighter knit.
Cast on 60 stitches
Knit every row until square then cast off.
Because I like to crochet more than knitting I have not tried any fancy stitches with this and have not tried to get all my ends to one side like I do with crocheted ones. The knitted ones are more likely to get holes in them and dont last as long as the crochet ones.

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