Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Teabag string Scarf

Finished at last Teabag String Scarf, took about 2 years with over 8000 teabag strings. If you drank 2 cups of tea a day it would take you over 10 years to collect the strings to make it. Now for my next project. Will need to drink a few more cups of tea to finish it.

Long time between drinks

Its been awhile since I posted, I've moved towns changed jobs, say each day im going to do some craft work today, but never find the time. I need to do it first, before the housework, the running around of kids, the cooking the shopping, oh and before surfing the net. Lets see how it goes.

Saturday, December 31, 2011

Coin Purse

Here is another recycled project http://www.zittaschnitt.com/2_projects/concept-pet_bottle_purse.html
I have made 2 so far my next one is going to be longer pencil case size I think

Milk carton wreath

Found a tute on this http://whipup.net/2011/11/14/guest-post-milk-carton-wreath/
so of course had to make one, need to add some bling to it I think.

Half Inch Bag done

After several tries, here is the finished bag. I started with 40 st on 7.5 needles, increased every row till 60 st kept knitting till I thought it was big enough decrease back to 40 stitches. Gave it away as a christmas present.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Aunt Clara quilt

An update on my Aunt Clara quilt I started in January, 6 rows done 51 to go.
1624 Honeycomb/elongated hexagons
784 Black squares
325 honey
100 black
253 honey
80 black
106 honey
52 black

Hexagon pin cushion

A friend of mine brought me back a kit from England, a lovely hexagon pincushion, spent the last 2 days making it. Its rather large 4 1/2in high 6 1/2in across. Its made from 2 1/2in squares.