Thursday, October 13, 2011

Half Inch Bag

With all the 1/2in strips I have sewn them all together with a straight stitch running all the way down the length, making sure I over lap the strips by at least 1/2inch. The stitch down the middle gives more stability to the strip. I'm using white thread but you could use all your odds and ends for it. I did think about using 3/4in strips but thought I would have to do a zig zag or 2 straight rows for it to sit right.
Here I'm doing the side gusset which I have cast on 15 stitches with 4mm needles, it comes out to just under 4in wide.  Will post when I get to the main part of the bag.
23/10 update Have just pulled it out and started with bigger needles,was too thick and heavy for a bag using 5 1/2mm needles now with 12 stitches for the side.

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