Saturday, January 1, 2011

Sorting Teabag Strings

My teabag strings seem to be hatching all over the place, every time I turn around, I find another bag or container of them. Trying to sort them out for a few projects I want to do this year. The biggest one is out of all the Dilmah ones I have and will have to collect through the year as it will take between 8 to 10,000 of them. I am going to latchwork a bag frame I brought from Spotlight.
Have started to tie the bag together with the strings, once I have done the 2 base rows I should be able to latchwork them.
I have been sorting out the very thin ones as well, as these dont go very well in the dish cloths I knit. After a few washes with them they tend to break into holes in the dish cloths, so with the thin ones I am joining some of them all together and chaining them into thicker yarn and with the rest I am dying them to do a Crochet project, which I have not decided on yet. With the medium to thick strings I need to make 9 dishcloths, 8 for a quiz night and 1 for a raffle on ravelry. I still have a knitted scarf to make as well.

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